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Android Based Moving Maps Application

  • All available DF data is displayed on maps with intuitive GUI
  • DF signal & squelch levels, band & frequency, bearing, beacon ID & location
  • Cospas-Sarsat™ and LoJack™ bearing and decoded data displayed
  • Live and Averaged relative bearing, Live-Bearing-Cone option
  • Line-of-Bearing (LOB) save-on-screen option
  • Automatic DF, GPS, and Errors data logging

DF SCOUT™ is an Android-based moving-maps application used to wirelessly communicate with, and control, the RT-400. It is also used in drone applications with the RT-600 Light sensor. An embedded Wi-Fi module, present both in the RT-400 and in drone applications that use this APP, takes care of sending the audio and data from the sensor to your Android mobile device.


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Automated Triangulation 

The DF Scout software is designed to quickly estimate a targets position only requiring 3 lines of bearing. In combination with the SAR SCAN mode, quickly track down COSPAS-SARSAT beacons by cycling 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz scans.

Live COSPAS-SARSAT Decoding 

DF Scout records COSPAS-SARSAT messages and displays the serial number of the message, time and date when the message has been received. The encoded beacon's position data can be visualized as a target on the moving map or cleared.

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