RT-800 AU
RT-800 AU
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4-Band VTS Radio Direction Finder

Key Facts:

  • Decoding of the signals on all 19 Cospas-Sarsat channels
  • Direction finding of the Cospas-Sarsat signal on all 19 Cospas-Sarsat channels
  • Remote operation via LAN / Ethernet or RS-232
  • Fast frequency monitoring by scanning up to 8 frequencies
  • Extreme compact, rugged, and lightweight DF antenna for easy installation and use in maritime weather conditions

The RT-800 is a highly advanced Radio Direction Finding (RDF) system designed for use in coastal surveillance and identification of ships transmitting on the VHF radio band. The system enables users to triangulate a ship's exact position by combining the bearing information from multiple RT-800 units with corresponding radar targets and AIS-position information at a VTS center. Additionally, the RT-800 combines a communication direction finder and a Search and Rescue (SAR) direction finder, making it an excellent choice for locating Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) equipped persons or vessels quickly and safely. The DF-system RT-800 is capable of bearing radio signals on 5 different frequency bands and supports a wide range of traditional emergency frequencies in the VHF and UHF range. The system is fully automatic and guarantees permanent emergency surveillance with the auto-alert function. The RT-800 DF-system consists of two units, the bearing AU (Antenna Unit) and the operating device DCU (Display Control Unit). It’s suitable for use in both stationary and mobile applications. The system's high-precision performance is achieved using the Doppler principle and the high rotation frequency of the antenna with a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation to compensate for running time errors. The RT-800 is highly durable and is designed to withstand even extreme and rough conditions with an IP 67 protection rating for the AU. The system supports various interfaces and data in- and export functions and can be remotely controlled over IP for added convenience. Ultimately, the RT-800 is a highly advanced and sophisticated system designed for use in demanding coastal surveillance and maritime applications.

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Fully Networkable

The RT-800 is designed to be connected to an IP-based Ethernet LAN, providing access to the direction finder from anywhere on the network or even the internet. This feature enables remote control, making it possible to operate the device without physically being on site. The internal industrial device server ensures reliable and stable connectivity for uninterrupted data transfer.

Dependable even in the Harshest Environments

The RT-800 is an extremely compact and lightweight DF antenna that allows easy installation and use in maritime weather conditions. The RT-800 antenna can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C and is IP67.

Software Options Available

The RT-800 can be installed alongside DF Commander MK2 software for moderation and triangulation of Vessels. RT-800 allows for LAN or RS-232 connections with user-accessible data streams to integrate into existing systems.

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