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RT-1000 MC (1)
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RT-1000 MC (18)
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The Professional Solution for ATC and VTS Applications

  • Doppler Radio Direction Finder
  • 8.33 kHz channel grid available in the aeronautical radio band
  • Extremely high circulating frequency for fast signal processing
  • Antenna location independent of the controller location
  • No infrastructure required for remote control
  • RS-232 interface for system integration
  • Frequency range in the aeronautical radio band 118,000 to 136,975 MHz
  • Frequency range in the marine band 156,000 to 174,000 MHz
  • Second simultaneous bearing channel option

The RT-1000 direction finding system was specially developed for the needs of air traffic control and the requirements of VTS (Vessel Traffic Service). In particular, the regulations of the ICAO and the DFS (German air traffic control) were taken into account.

The radio direction finder RT-1000 has now established itself as the standard system in its class. The system is also known under the type designation PA030 from Rohde & Schwarz.


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Flexible Configurations to Fit any Situation 

RT-1000 A

Non-Remote Mode

RT-1000 C

Remote Mode

RT-1000 C

Dual Channel Mode

Receiver, Demodulator and Antenna Control Module are integrated in the controller unit located at the antenna position. They are connected by means of a 6-wire control line and a coaxial RF wire.

The direction finding antenna is installed remotely from the controller, at a location favourable for direction finding. Receiver, demodulator and antenna control module are integrated in the receiver unit located at the antenna position. They are connected to the controller by means of a 6-wire line.

The DF system is equipped with a second receiver module and an additional Controller. This offers 2 inde-pendent operator sides

Simple Software Integration  

The DF Commander MK2 software enables remote control and monitoring of radio direction finding systems. In addition to displaying the bearing results on different electronic maps, the software is able to calculate cross bearings on different frequencies. Bearings, cross bearing results and status information from radio direction finding systems are made available via an integrated server. Radio direction finding systems can also be set and controlled via the same server. The software is therefore to be understood as a DF service.

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