RT-14400WP front & back
RT-14400WP (4)
RT-14400WP front & back
RT-14400WP (4)
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Portable RF Signal Generator

Key Facts:

  • Wide power output range (90dB)
  • Battery-powered 3+ hour runtime
  • Wide frequency coverage of 4+ GHz
  • Simple PC control software
  • Industry standard SCPI command support
  • Reference source auto-detection
  • American made for high reliability

The RT-14400WP signal generator enables users to generate high quality RF/Microwave signals quickly and easily. An OLED display and interface buttons allow frequency selection, attenuator control, and RF output On/Off without the need for a host PC. The RF output covers 7 octaves from 35 to 4400MHz. The produced waveform is fully synthesized using modern fractional N synthesis. The final step size of the RF output varies from a maximum of ~3KHz to less than 40Hz depending on band of operation. This synthesized source has its own internal precision 10MHz TCXO oscillator, and can accept an external reference signal if needed. Power output level can be controlled via internal step attenuator over a range of 90dB in 0.5dB steps, and also has a separate 15dB power Vernier setting. RF output power is calibrated to a maximum output level of +10dBm. Higher output is possible when in un-calibrated mode.






  • Accessories


Remote RF Controller Software 

With the RT-14400WP connected to the PC via USB port, industry standard SCPI commands
are used to fully control the instrument. The USB port is configured on the host PC as a
virtual COM port. This feature allows users to control the signal generator for automated test
applications from many different operating systems and scripting languages and environments

Ensure your equipment is fully Operational

The RT-14400WP output covers 7 octaves from 35 to 4400 MHz and when paired with Rhotheta Ramptesters can test a variety of antenna units such as RT-400, RT-500-M, RT-600, and RT-800.  With an adjustable power range of -40 dBm to 10 dBm, sensitivity tests can be preformed.

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