MC Vorne (Freigestellt) [HQ]
RT-1000 MC (1)
RT-1000 MC (2)
RT-1000 MC (18)
MC Vorne (Freigestellt) [HQ]
RT-1000 MC (1)
RT-1000 MC (2)
RT-1000 MC (18)
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RT-1000 Multichannel

The Professional Solution for Complex ATC and VTS Applications

  • Approved Doppler DF principle
  • Extremely high rotation frequency for fast signal processing
  • Compact antenna system for simple installation
  • Effective lightning protection
  • Very flexible system concept allows adaptation to almost every customer requirement
  • Maintenance-friendly modular design

The RT-1000 Multichannel radio direction finder is designed for ATC (Air Traffic Control) and for VTS (Vessel Traffic Service). It is a very cost effective solution for applications where more than two simultaneous DF channels are required. The modular design makes the system adaptable for almost all modern DF applications up to 24 simultaneously DF-channels. The approved Doppler principle provides unrivaled system reliability. The compact antenna system is designed for very rough conditions and is easy to install. The system flexibility allows almost every customer requirement to be fulfilled.


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Scalable Direction Finding System

Easily cover up to 24 simultaneous DF-Channels. The software DF-Commander MK2 may display the bearing information, monitor different sites, and  control the system. Through various user interfaces, the DF can be integrated in other systems

Multi-site Triangulation  

Get a estimated position of target with a minimum of 2 lines of bearing. the more lines the greater the accuracy to the target 

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