HI -TAK® Conductive Polyurethane Gasket

Key Features
  • Conductive polyurethane for bonding and sealing.
  • Dual-sided protective release film.
  • Prevents moisture ingress with sealant and tape.
  • Easy installation; can be trimmed to fit.
  • Enhances corrosion resistance.
  • No additional fillet sealing needed.
  • Reusable but replacement recommended.
  • Works with Av-DEC sealants and tapes.
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Conductive gasket material designed for use as an environmental sealant. The flexible nature of this system provides for easy access for inspection or repair long after the original application. The system demonstrates excellent cohesion after installation and provides a high degree of environmental protection while still allowing for easy removal. Shapes to fit most aircraft antennas are available. Custom shapes are readily available.


Typical Physical Properties
Color Blue
As Supplied Standard = 0.055 in (1.40 mm)
Compressed Standard = 0.034 in (0.86 mm)
Frame (mesh) 5056 Aluminum
Weight/Aera (nominal) 0.039 oz/in2 (0.173g/cm2)
Bonding resistance, antenna to aircraft Meets MIL-B-5087B Class “R”, MIL-STD-464 and MIL-STD-1310H, ≤ 2.5mΩ
Shelf life, sealed container Indefinite (in original packaging and protected from UV exposure)
Reactivity, to typical aviation metallic and non-metallic surfaces None (Product supplied fully cured)
Service temperature guide
per RTCA DO-160G, Section5, 2 cycles
-85°F to 275°F(-65°C to 135°C)
Salt Fog 3000hrs (ASTM B117) No corrosion
Fluids Resistance
per RTCA DO-160G, Section 11
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