U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Robert Goldman Delivered With Rhotheta Radio Direction Finder

Bollinger Shipyards LLC (“Bollinger”) has delivered the USCGC Robert Goldman to the U.S. Coast Guard in Key West, Florida. This is the 165th vessel Bollinger has delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard over a 35-year period and the 42nd Fast Response Cutter (“FRC”) delivered under the current program.


The USCGC Robert Goldman is the second of six fast-response cutters (FRCs) planned for service in Manama, Bahrain. These Fast Response Cutters are replacing the Island Class Patrol Boats supporting the Patrol Forces Southwest Asia, the U. S. Coast Guard’s largest unit outside of the United States.


FRCs are being outfitted with the Rhotheta RT-500-M radio direction finder system, an essential tool for search-and-rescue, safety, and enhanced situational awareness, featuring advanced connectivity and a proven performance record. The RT-500-M is a multi-band Doppler direction finder that operates on V-UHF bands including all international emergency frequencies within the 118 to 470 MHz range.


Each fast-response cutter is named for an enlisted Coast Guard hero who distinguished himself or herself in the line of duty. Robert Goldman enlisted in the Coast Guard in October 1942 as a pharmacist’s mate. In 1944 he reported for duty aboard the Coast Guard-manned, 328-foot landing ship, Tank-66, taking part in a campaign to retake the Philippines from the Japanese. On Nov. 12, 1944, a Japanese kamikaze plane flew straight for the men gathered on the starboard side of the landing ship’s stern. Goldman watched as the enemy fighter crashed into the deck and exploded. His back was on fire from the aviation fuel; his right leg received shrapnel from the crashing fighter, and he suffered severe shock from the sudden crash and resulting carnage. Disregarding his own injuries, Goldman courageously treated the wounded and dying. For his heroic deeds, Goldman received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star medals.


The Coast Guard took delivery of USCGC Robert Goldman on Dec. 21, 2020, in Key West. They will transit to Bahrain later this year with sister ship, the Charles Moulthrope, which was commissioned Jan. 21 in Portsmouth, Virginia.

About the Fast Response Cutter Platform

The FRC is an operational “game changer,” according to senior Coast Guard officials. FRCs are consistently being deployed in support of the full range of missions within the United States Coast Guard and other branches of our armed services. This is due to its exceptional performance, expanded operational reach and capabilities, and ability to transform and adapt to the mission. FRCs have conducted operations as far as the Marshall Islands—a 4,400 nautical mile trip from their homeport. Measuring in at 154-feet, FRCs have a flank speed of 28 knots, state of the art C4ISR suite (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), and stern launch and recovery ramp for a 26-foot, over-the-horizon interceptor cutter boat.

About Bollinger Shipyards LLC

Bollinger Shipyards LLC (www.bollingershipyards.com) is a leading designer and builder of high-performance military patrol boats, ocean-going double hull barges, offshore oil field support vessels, tugboats, rigs, lift boats, inland waterways push boats, barges, and other steel and aluminum products from its new construction shipyards as part of the U. S. industrial base. Bollinger has 10 shipyards, all strategically located throughout Louisiana with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, and the Intracoastal Waterway. Bollinger is the largest vessel repair company in the Gulf of Mexico region.

About Rhotheta
Rhotheta has leveraged more than 30 years of engineering experience to develop a comprehensive line of radio direction finding equipment for air traffic control, search and rescue, and vessel traffic services. The company has found a competitive edge in the industry through a keen dedication to customer service and an optimal price/performance ratio. More than 200 organizations depend on Rhotheta products including the U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and German Air Navigation Services.

For more information visit https://rhothetaint.com/



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