Airborne Mission System Integrates Rhotheta Radio Direction Finder

Airborne Mission System Integrates Rhotheta Radio Direction Finder

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – A radio direction finder (DF) supplied by Rhotheta International, Inc. will be a key sensor in an integrated airborne mission suite installed in a new Airbus H125 helicopter for the Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS). Capable of homing in on the position of a variety of different radio signals, the DF will be used to support TX DPS missions including law enforcement and search and rescue.

The Rhotheta RT-600-L is a special version of Rhotheta’s proven RT-600 product line, with additional features and capabilities designed to meet the needs of law enforcement customers. As the only airborne DF capable of homing on and decoding both LoJack™ and the 406 MHz distress beacons used by aviators, mariners and outdoor enthusiasts, the RT-600-L is an ideal solution for multi-mission aircraft.

A key feature of the RT-600 product line is its ability to leverage industry standard protocols including ARINC 429 to facilitate integration with airborne mission systems. This improves situational awareness by displaying a line of bearing from the DF over a map or augmented reality display, thereby eliminating the need for crew to synthesize data from multiple sensors.

The mission suite was developed and designed for TX DPS by CNC Technologies, with Metro Aviation cooperating as the completion center for the project. In addition to the RT-600-L, the system integrates a gyrostabilized gimbal supporting day and night HD video payloads with a moving map system that allows operators to overlay spatial data on the live video feeds. The aircraft will be also able to leverage TX DPS’ existing infrastructure to stream live video and data to ground forces.

In early 2009, TX DPS was one of the first law enforcement agencies to test the previous generation of the RT-600-L after it was released. The adoption of this integrated, multi-sensor airborne mission suite continues that tradition of innovation.

Rhotheta has leveraged more than 30 years of engineering experience to develop a comprehensive line of radio direction finding equipment for air traffic control, search and rescue, and vessel traffic services. The company has found a competitive edge in the industry through a keen dedication to customer service and an optimal price/performance ratio. More than 200 organizations depend on Rhotheta products including the U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and German Air Navigation Services.

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