U.S. Coast Guard Sentinel-class FRC Delivered with the Rhotheta RT-500-M

FRCs are being outfitted with the Rhotheta RT-500-M Radio Direction Finder System.

Bollinger Shipyards LLC (“Bollinger”) has delivered the newest Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutter (“FRC”), the USCGC John Scheuerman, to the U.S. Coast Guard in Key West, Florida nearly one week ahead of schedule despite a three-week shutdown due to the significant damage sustained to Bollinger’s facilities during Hurricane Ida.

The USCGC John Scheuerman is the 169th vessel Bollinger has delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard over 35 years and the 46th FRC delivered under the current program. The USCGC John Scheuerman is the fifth of six FRCs to be home-ported in Manama, Bahrain, which will replace the aging 110’ Island Class Patrol Boats, built by Bollinger Shipyards 30 years ago, supporting the Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA), the U.S. Coast Guard’s largest overseas presence outside the United States.

FRCs are being outfitted with the Rhotheta RT-500-M radio direction finder system, an essential tool for search-and-rescue, safety, and enhanced situational awareness, featuring advanced connectivity and a proven performance record. The RT-500-M is a multi-band Doppler direction finder that operates on V-UHF bands including all international emergency frequencies within the 118 to 470 MHz range.

Each FRC is named for an enlisted Coast Guard hero who distinguished themselves in the line of duty. John Scheuerman, Seaman First Class, United States Coast Guard Reserve was posthumously presented the Silver Star Medal for service as outlined in the following citation: “For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving onboard the U.S.S. LCI (L) 319 during the amphibious invasion of Italy, September 9, 1943. Observing an enemy fighter plane diving in for a strafing attack as his vessel approached the assault beaches in the Gulf of Salerno, Scheuerman unhesitatingly manned his battle station at an exposed antiaircraft gun and, with cool courage and aggressive determination, exerted every effort to direct accurate gunfire against the hostile aircraft. Although mortally wounded before he could deliver effective fire, he remained steadfast at his post in the face of imminent death, thereby contributing materially to the protection of his ship against further attack. Scheuerman’s fearless action, great personal valor, and selfless devotion to duty under extremely perilous conditions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.” Scheuerman also posthumously received the Purple Heart Medal.

The USCGC John Scheuerman departed Lockport on Monday, October 11th for Bollinger’s Fourchon facility where it performed a shakedown exercise before dry docking for final inspection in preparation of its delivery. The Cutter departed Fourchon for Key West, FL on Sunday, October 17th.

About the Fast Response Cutter Platform

The FRC is an operational “game-changer,” according to senior Coast Guard officials. FRCs are consistently being deployed in support of the full range of missions within the United States Coast Guard and other branches of our armed services. This is due to its exceptional performance, expanded operational reach and capabilities, and ability to transform and adapt to the mission. FRCs have conducted operations as far as the Marshall Islands—a 4,400 nautical mile trip from their homeport. Measuring in at 154-feet, FRCs have a flank speed of 28 knots, a state of the art C4ISR suite (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), and a stern launch and recovery ramp for a 26-foot, over-the-horizon interceptor cutter boat.

About Bollinger Shipyards LLC

Bollinger Shipyards LLC ( www.bollingershipyards.com ) has a 75-year legacy as a leading designer and builder of high-performance military patrol boats and salvage vessels, research vessels, ocean-going double hull barges, offshore oil field support vessels, tugboats, rigs, lift boats, inland waterways push boats, barges, and other steel and aluminum products from its new construction shipyards as part of the U. S. industrial base. Bollinger has 11 shipyards, all strategically located throughout Louisiana with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, and the Intracoastal Waterway. Bollinger is the largest vessel repair company in the Gulf of Mexico region.

About the Rhotheta RT-500-M

The RT-500-M is an essential mission tool that enhances the operational capabilities of search-and-rescue and law enforcement organizations worldwide allowing them to efficiently track, locate and rescue personnel – or recover assets – in the harshest conditions.

The RT-500-M is an advanced Doppler wideband DF designed for ship-borne platforms and capable of indicating the direction (or bearing) to an emitter or beacon transmitting on VHF-UHF frequencies in the 118 to 470 MHz range. Its operational bands include Air AM , Marine FM , UHF AM, UHF FM, and Cospas-Sarsat™ 406 MHz frequencies (channels). The RT-600-L conveniently displays signal & squelch levels, operating band & frequency, live and averaged bearing (LOB) values, beacon ID & lat-long location.

The RT-500-M is compact, lightweight, and rugged, and features a short bearing-calculation time due to a high electronic rotation frequency . The RT-500-M series is relied upon by the US and Canadian Coast Guard.

About Rhotheta International

Rhotheta International Inc (RHI), Ft Lauderdale FL is an international distributor and factory-authorized service center for all Rhotheta RDFs. Its mission includes support for DF system integration, installation, and operation to dealers, OEMs, integrators, completion centers, and operators of search-and-rescue (SAR), air traffic control (ATC), vessel traffic service (VTS), law enforcement, and special mission operations worldwide. With a focus on competitive price-performance ratios, short lead times, fast service turnaround time, and personalized product support. RHI actively participates in programs to enhance operations and situational awareness for organizations such as USAF AUX-Civil Air Patrol, US Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and public safety agencies.

For more information, visit https://rhothetaint.com/ and https://rhothetaint.com/airborne/

RT-500-MRT-500-M is a high-performance, wide-band radio direction designed for professional shipboard and mobile SAR and radio monitoring operations in the harshest conditions.More InformationRT-500-MDisplay Control Unit (DCU)More InformationRT-500-MAntenna Unit (AU)More Information

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