Nashville Police’s new H125 equipped with the Rhotheta RT-600-L DF

Last month, Metropolitan Nashville (TN) Police Department (MNPD) ordered two new Airbus H125 helicopters – equipped with the Rhotheta RT-600-L – to be delivered later this year. Nashville reaches 526 square miles and includes both high-density urban locations and rural areas. Each year, the department’s Aviation Unit responds to more than 2,000 calls, including searches for lost children, fleeing felons, drug eradication, robberies and vehicle pursuits.

“We need a versatile, powerful and proven aircraft to help us protect and serve the Nashville community,” said MNPD Lt. Tommy Durbin. “After a thorough review of aircraft, it became clear the H125 is the right helicopter for the mission.” Standard features on the H125 include dual hydraulics, dual channel engine FADEC, a crash resistant fuel system, and advanced glass-panel cockpit displays. NMPD’s fleet will be configured with the latest search, communications and surveillance equipment to support its various airborne law enforcement public safety missions.

“The H125 remains one of the most popular law enforcement helicopters in the U.S., and it’s not hard to see why,” said Ron Kelley, Airborne Law Enforcement Manager at Airbus Helicopters, Inc. “It thrives in a variety of missions, and law enforcement agencies know it will be there for them when their citizens need it most,” he continued.

About the Rhotheta RT-600-L

The RT-600-L is an essential mission tool that enhances the operational capabilities of TX DPS – as it does for other law enforcement agencies – allowing them to efficiently track, locate and rescue personnel – or recover assets – in the harshest conditions.

The RT-600-L is an advanced Doppler wideband DF designed for airborne platforms and capable of indicating the direction (or bearing) to an emitter or beacon transmitting on VHF-UHF frequencies. Its operational bands include Air AM band, Marine FM band, LoJack™, ETS™, and Cospas-Sarsat™ 406 MHz frequencies (channels). The RT-600-L conveniently displays signal & squelch levels, operating band & frequency, live and averaged bearing (LOB) values, beacon ID & lat-long location.

The RT-600-L is compact, lightweight, and rugged, and features a short bearing-calculation time due to a high electronic rotation frequency . The RT-600 series is relied upon by the US Air Force AUX-Civil Air Patrol for 20+ years and by law enforcement agencies for over a decade.

About the Rhotheta smartDF

smartDF is an iPadOS application designed for remote monitoring the Rhotheta RT-600 airborne DF over a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) link. The App is compatible with both RT-600-A and RT-600-L models. smartDF relies on the iPad’s built-in GPS/GNSS, compass, and accelerometer sensors. All information obtained from the DF is conveniently displayed over maps with state-of-the-art graphics and an intuitive user interface.

About Rhotheta International

Rhotheta International Inc (RHI), Ft Lauderdale FL is an international distributor and factory-authorized service center for all Rhotheta RDFs. Its mission includes support for DF system integration, installation, and operation to dealers, OEMs, integrators, completion centers, and operators of search-and-rescue (SAR), air traffic control (ATC), vessel traffic service (VTS), law enforcement, and special mission operations worldwide. With a focus on competitive price-performance ratios, short lead times, fast service turnaround time, and personalized product support. RHI actively participates in programs to enhance operations and situational awareness for organizations such as USAF AUX-Civil Air Patrol, US Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and public safety agencies.

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