What is the use of DF-ing in ATC communications?

Click here to watch a video that explains the use of Radio Direction Finding in ATC communications.

The Rhotheta RT-1000 2-channel VDF system is designed specifically for ATC and VTS applications and complies with ICAO and DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung) requirements. The RT-1000 radio direction finder, which has become the benchmark in its class, is also known under the Rohde & Schwarz designation PA030. More than 150 systems are currently in use worldwide.

The Rhotheta RT-1000 MC (Multichannel) VDF system is a direction finder (DF), which is designed for air traffic control (ATC) and for vessel traffic service (VTS) applications. The system is based on a very successful standard RT-1000 A and RT-1000 C Doppler direction finder, which main components are applied in the multichannel system. In applications, where more than 2 simultaneously bearing channels are required, the RT-1000 Multichannel is the solution with best price performance relation. The flexible design enables the system adaptation to almost all applications. It is realized by using a couple of different standard components, which may be combined and configured individually. The system can cover up to 24 simultaneously DF-Channels. The software “DF-Commander” may display the bearing information and control the system. Via various user interfaces, the DF can be integrated in other systems.



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