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Portable Direction Finder

RT-400 is a portable direction finder, which is designed for search and rescue operations (SAR), law enforcement and localizing of radio interference sources. Due to its wideband, the system allows homing to any radio transmitter with a frequency between 118 and 470 MHz inclusively all emergency frequencies such as 121.5, 243 and 406 MHz (COSPAS-SARSAT).


iOS Solution for Direction Finding

SmartDF is an iPadOS application designed for iPad devices and allows a tablet to become a display control unit (DCU) for the RT-600 Antenna.

DF Scout™

Android Based Moving Maps Application

DF SCOUT™ is an Android-based moving-maps application used to wirelessly communicate with, and control, the RT-400. It is also used in drone applications with the RT-600 Light sensor. An embedded Wi-Fi module, present both in the RT-400 and in drone applications that use this APP

RT-458 Ramptester

RT-400, RT-500-M, RT-800 Performance Measurement Equipment

The Ramptester is a specialized equipment for testing and maintaining direction finder systems. It enables comprehensive testing of accuracy, sensitivity, and modulation on customer-selected channels.

RT-14400WP Signal Generator

Portable RF Signal Generator

The RT-14400WP signal generator is a versatile RF/Microwave generator with an OLED display, covering 7 octaves from 35 to 4400MHz, and offering precise power output control.

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