RT-600 DCU front
RT-600 DCU rear
RT-600 AU standard (1)
RT-600 (55)
RT-600 AU Mountings
RT-600 DCU front
RT-600 DCU rear
RT-600 AU standard (1)
RT-600 (55)
RT-600 AU Mountings
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RT-600 Series

Advanced Wide-band Radio Direction Finder System for Airborne Applications

Key Facts:

  • Modern and advanced wideband direction finding system for airborne applications
  • Easy installation, no RF cable connection required
  • Extremely compact and robust antenna system
  • Short response time due to high antenna rotation frequency
  • Auto-scan of all COSPAS-SARSAT channels within 400 ms
  • Decoding/display of the COSPAS-SARSAT messages
  • Fast scan function of complete marine ship band

Third Generation
RT-600 Wideband

Quick Facts

  • Full 118 – 470MHz (F1-F4 options required)
  • Improved HMI/GUI
  • DO160D, 4.4lbs

Software Revision

Display Control Unit: 3.31
Antenna Unit: 3.33

Second Generation

Quick Facts

  • 19 C-S Chs 406.022 – 406.076
  • Improved HMI/GUI
  • C-S/LoJack data after DCU Rev ≥ 3.20

Software Revision

Display Control Unit: 3.15-3.20
Antenna Unit: 3.11-3.24

First Generation
RT-500 SAR-DF 517 "BECKER"

Quick Facts

  • 2 C-S Chs 406.025, 406.028 (*)
  • Emergency/Training start screen

Software Revision

Display Control Unit: 2.XX
Antenna Unit: 2.XX


  • specifications




Features for Third Generation : RT-600 Wideband

The RT-600/SAR-DF 517 is an advanced radio direction finder system designed for airborne applications. It offers comprehensive coverage of emergency signals across various frequencies, including VHF, UHF, COSPAS-SARSAT, and maritime channels. With the ability to extend its frequency range up to 470 MHz, it provides exceptional detection and indication capabilities.

The RT-600 is available in two versions: RT-600-A, primarily used in Search and Rescue (SAR) missions, and RT-600-L, designed for Law Enforcement operations. Both versions are compact and self-contained direction finding and location sensors, weighing only 4.4 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of aircraft, including both fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms. They consist of an Antenna Unit (AU) housing the wideband receiver, DF switching, and CPU electronics. The system can be operated using a 3.3-inch display-control unit (DCU) or integrated into the human-machine interface (HMI) of a digital mission system.

The RT-600-A, also known as the "Standard" version, calculates the Line of Bearing (LOB) and provides direction indications for emergency signals.  Operating within the frequency range of 118MHz to 470MHz, the RT-600-A is capable of detecting, demodulating, and decoding AM, FM, PM, and CW transmissions.  With its fast scanning capability, the RT-600 can scan the entire COSPAS-SARSAT sub-band in less than 400 milliseconds, enabling the detection of a signal within a single COSPAS-SARSAT repetition cycle while  automatically stopping when a signal is received.

For law enforcement operations, RHOTHETA has developed the RT-600-L version, specifically tailored to meet the needs of US Law Enforcement. The RT-600-L, designed for Law Enforcement applications, unlocks additional capabilities such as LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Technology support, providing directional guidance to targets and displaying LoJack reply codes.  This version tracks various beacons such as Electronic Tracking System (ETS) beacons, Personal Locator Beacons (PLB), and more. It features sophisticated software that significantly improves tracking capability, reducing search time without relying on external support.

With a track record of success in numerous missions worldwide, RHOTHETA's RT-600 series is known for its reliability and performance in various climatic conditions. Whether used in SAR missions or Law Enforcement operations, the RT-600 offers precise direction finding capabilities, demodulating and decoding various transmission types, including AM, FM, PM, and CW signals.


The RT-600 easily decodes of incoming  COSPAS-SARSAT beacons messages. Users can track beacons in VHF by switching to 121.500 MHz while in COSPAS-SARSAT DF Mode, and if no valid signal is received, they can switch back to the last active COSPAS-SARSAT channel at 406 MHz. In COSPAS-SARSAT Scan Mode, the RT-600 scans manually selectable channels and stops at the received frequency, allowing for fast scanning of the complete sub-band and detection of receivable signals within one repetition cycle.

Seamless Integration with Mission Management System

The RT-600 radio direction finder can be integrated with augmented reality mapping systems for airborne law enforcement, search and rescue, and aerial firefighting missions. Real-time direction-finding information is exchanged for the tracking and locating of various transmitters like LoJack, ETS, medical beacons, and cash/asset recovery tags. This integration empowers flight crews with improved surveillance, intelligence gathering, and operational efficiency by visualizing and monitoring tracked signals in real time for better target identification and pursuit management.

NVG Option Available

The RT-600 offers an NVG (Night Vision Goggles) option that enhances operational capabilities for pilots in low-light or night-time conditions. With this option, pilots can effectively utilize the display control unit while wearing their night vision goggles. Pilots maintain clear visibility of the display and can easily access and interact with the system's controls and information, enabling safe and efficient operations even in dark environments. The NVG option provides an enhanced user experience and maximizes situational awareness during night flights, contributing to overall mission success and pilot safety.

Flexible Configurations for any Cockpit 

Case 1

DCU - Master Control via RS 485
smartDF Standard - Secondary Controller via RS232
Mission Management System- Listen Only via RS232

Case 2

smartDF Pro - Master Controller via RS485
Adapter Box - DC & audio with RS232 option

Case 3

Mission Management System- Master via RS485
Adapter Box - DC & audio with RS232 option
smartDF Standard - Listen via RS485

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